Jonathan David, composer


“David exerts a virtuosic control over the piece’s emotional arc, whose modulation of textures and harmonies delivers two exquisite catharses…I have conducted this piece with two ensembles now: the group of mostly non-music majors at Carroll University for whom I commissioned it and also a more advanced ensemble at the University of Illinois School of Music. In each case, our experiences with it were filled with wonder…Jonathan David’s Stabat Mater deserves a wide performance life and a recognized place within this ancient and hallowed choral genre.”
Kristina Boerger

"The commissioned work
-- by Jonathan David --
was especially wonderful.  
I got so many comments
from audience members
about how much they loved
it.  Gorgeous piece, and a
perfect fit for our group.
Thank you Jonathan!"

Susan Glass,
Music Director, Glass Menagerie (NYC)

I greatly enjoy writing new works for specific ensembles and musicians, for specific occasions, and to specific texts. As an active performer, I also realize the best results come from close collaboration between chorus and conductor, and composer. I am open to commissions for all genres of choral music, sacred or secular, accompanied or a cappella, as well as for solo vocal and instrumental works. Pricing varies according to length, voicing and instrumentation, and type of piece desired. Please contact me via e-mail ( to discuss details further.


[New Work for Treble Chorus, TTBB Soloists, Double Bass, and Percussion on new commissioned text by David Hopes]
Commissioned by the Atlanta Young Singers of Callanwolde, Music Director Paige Mathis
Scheduled premiere: Atlanta, GA, May, 2017

If Music Be the Food of Love (2015)
Commissioned for Concentus Carolina, Music Director Seth Garrepy, by Richard and Lynn Edmonds in memory of John Bavicchi.
Premiere: Church of the Holy Family, Chapel Hill, NC, February 6, 2015

Te Lucis Ante Terminum (2014)
Commissioned by the Duke Vespers Ensemble
Music Director Brian Schmidt
Premiere: Duke Chapel, Durham, NC, April 9, 2015

En Seumeillant: Reflections on a 14th-Century French Ballade for wind ensemble (2014)
Commissioned for the Manhattan Wind Ensemble by Music Director Christopher Baum
Premiere: New York, NY, March 2, 2014

Two Kingsongs (2013) for baritone and piano
Commissioned by the Cheah-Chan Duo
Premiere: New York, NY, June 29, 2013

St. John’s Dance for alto saxophone and piano (2013)
Commissioned by David Wozniak
Premiere: Salem, MA, March 16, 2013

Gitchee Gumee, song cycle for baritone and piano (2013)
Commissioned by Daniel Neer
Premiere: Bar Harbor Music Festival (ME), July 8, 2015

Tears, Apples and Stones (Könnyek, Almák és Kövek) (2012)
Vocalise for Somorja
Commissioned by Zsuzsanna Ardó for the eponymous installation for the At Home Gallery/Synagogue Šamorín, Slovakia
Premiere: Šamorín, Slovakia, September 2, 2012

Little Drops of Water (2012)
Commissioned by the Marble Collegiate Church Cherub Choir
Music Director Karie Brown
Premiere: New York, NY, May 13, 2012

Stabat Mater (2012)
Commissioned by Carroll University and Kristina Boerger
Director of Choral Activities Kristina Boerger
Premiere: Waukesha, WI, April 28, 2012

The Tightened String: An Elegy for 9/11 (2011)
Commissioned by the Central City Chorus
Music Director Phillip Cheah
Premiere: New York, NY, December 11, 2011

Azrael, song for mezzo-soprano and piano (2010)
Commissioned by Jay Barksdale for the Sylvia Townsend Warner Society
Premiere: New York, NY, October 23, 2011

Flocks Feed by Darkness (2009)
Commissioned by Glass Menagerie, Music Director Susan Glass
Premiere: New York, NY, December 5, 2009

Even in Darkness (2009)                                                                                
Commissioned by the Packer Collegiate Institute Concert Chorus,
Music Director Esther Harris
Premiere: New York, NY, January 15, 2011

Mirabile Mysterium (2007)                                                                              
Commissioned by The Greenwich Village Singers,
Music Director Mark Mangini
Premiere: New York, NY, December 14, 2007

Fish (2007)                                                                                        
Commissioned by the New York Treble Singers,
Music Director Virginia Davidson
Premiere: New York, NY, March 2, 2007

We Give Praise (Thanks-Giving Theme) (2006)                                         
Commissioned by the Thanks-Giving Foundation
Premiere: Choir of Temple Emanu-El, Dallas, TX, 01/07/07

No La Debemos Dormir (2006)                                                                       
Commissioned by The Greenwich Village Singers,
Music Director Mark Mangini
Premiere: New York, NY, 12/15/06

Christmas Cantata (2002)                                                                            
Commissioned by The Greenwich Village Singers,
Music Director Mark Mangini
Premiere: New York, NY, 12/13/02